Many of you, I hope, have noticed the activity in the skies. I’m talking about chemtrails.  Gone are the days as kids that we used to lay in the field looking up at the beautiful cumulus clouds and trying to decide what kind of “magic” we could invoke from those magnificant formations.  Today we need to be aware what is happening in the skies above us.  Sure,  It’s easy to do nothing.  It’s easy to say nothing.  And it’s even easier to pretend that all is well and nothing is wrong.  If you really think that…you’re in denial, and maybe you’re an idiot., or maybe just delusional.  Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe I’m an idiot,  and just don’t get it?  I really don’t think that most people are idiots; they just seem to act that way.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe someone can comment and provide a rational explanation?]

Think about your answer before you respond.  – Gene


LAS VEGAS – What’s Happening at the Nature Preserve

Another day in Las Vegas, NV.  My wife, Bobbette, and I took another hike through the Nature Preserve & Duck Creek Trails area.  It’s incredible to us that so few people are enjoying this majestic area.  She and I spend 2 -1/2 hour walks about 2-3 days per week in this incredibly beautiful preserve.  We have commented to ourselves many times that it’s almost hard to believe that this kind of enjoyment and natural settings are available in Las Vegas. Birds, rabbits, ducks. hawks diverse flora and fauna are around every corner.  If you want to spend a couple of hours just enjoying life and someone that you really love, this is the place!   Hardly anyone seems to be there.  We see maybe 8-10 other people during our visits?  Why?  That’s a difficult question to answer.  You must take a look and visit this area.  Check it out.  The address is 7050 E. Wetlands Park Lane, Las Vega, NV  89122; Phone: 702-455-7522.

Fishing Photos

A few photos of fishing the Delaware Bay from marinas on the Jersey side.  There can be few things in life as relaxing and enjoyable as a day on the water!  Even on those rare days when nothing is biting it’s just good to be with a good friend and telling ‘fish stories’ when all else fails.  Ernest Hemingway had it all figured out many years ago.  It has always been in my blood and probably always will.